Chick Magnet – PuTang x Swabi Pakistani

7 Fem seeds per pack

An incredible anti-anxiety sativa with a fast flowering time and an outstanding, unique flavor profile! This strain is pure energy and uplifted mood, with a strong happy effect. Nice yields of extremely exotic flower, with a good bud to leaf ratio that makes trimming a lot faster than you’d imagine. Natural foxtail structures on large, dense frosty nugs make these some of the most beautiful exotic buds around. This foxtail structure is natural and not a sign of stress, it’s actually a good thing, a big blessing from some of the most special sativa genetics in the world. Many of the best memorable and unique effects in cannabis come from plants with this bud structure! The flavor and aroma are sure to turn heads, as it is extremely unique! A mouth coating flavor of the Swabi Pakistani, combined with some orange and grape candy tones from PuTang, this is a pure happy uplifting flavor experience, clean, sharp, and totally delicious!

New school meets old school for this high potency, unique, one of a kind hybrid. A quick 9 week flower time, this may be one of the quickest ways to experience this type of sativa magic! Effects like this don’t come around often, and it’s thanks to meticulous selection from some of my absolute favorite gene pools, that this one of a kind, never seen before, dream sativa-hybrid is now a reality.

Plants do best with multiple toppings and a short veg time. They do most of their growth in the stretch period, 3-4 first weeks of flower where they can easily go from one foot tall at flip to 4-5 feet tall with full branching and very high yields; fat buds that love lots of light! Save major time in veg, this is an easy and quick grow! Carbon filters are a huge necessity as always, these terpenes have a sharp tendency to cut through nearly everything else. Major bag appeal and high mind appeal. Some phenotypes will have rare trichomes with pink/purple stalks or heads, which comes from the Star Pupil grandparent! Effects are best at 5-10% amber, mostly cloudy trichomes, typically 9 weeks in bloom.

The name Chick Magnet fits her perfectly for many reasons. It has a very free, confident vibe. As you may have experienced, the PuTang and it’s offspring are also fantastic weed for sex and intimacy, enhancing the sensations of touch and brightening the mind to full focus, confidence, and exploration. In a more casual social setting, you can expect deep freedom from anxiety, it’s a fantastic social lubricant for conversations, good times, and more. Loads of energy without the paranoia typically associated with sativa strains. Creative, positive, therapeutic, and healing. The flavor and bag appeal of this exotic bud are like no other, and it’s sure to make you the most popular person in the room, a “chick magnet” in more ways than one!

The mother plant, PuTang, is my first Cup Winning strain, and was also named HighTimes Magazine Top 10 Strains of 2019! This cross retains the best qualities and effects from my cup winning cut, while matching up perfectly with the totally exotic Swabi Pakistani landrace/heirloom from Irrazin! The combination adds vigor and some true landrace funk and keeps it totally sativa in character and head, while keeping flower time short. Many other PuTang crosses seem to make the PuTang a bit more “down” or indica, and its rare that they keep the full magic of the psychedelic open minded and super healing therapeutic effects of the PuTang. I’ve finally nailed it in this one, and you get the full PuTang experience plus more! My most exciting PuTang hybrid to date. This is totally “my style” of a great sativa dominant exotic landrace-meets-modern hybrid, and I am excited for everyone to enjoy!