Red Eyed Genetics - Maglite


Red Eye Genetics – Maglite

(Magnum PI x Locktite)

Flowering time is 8-9 weeks

10-Regular Seeds Per Pack

In the PNW a cut named Magnum PI has been making her rounds for good reason. Her nose piercing sour citrus candy smell will pull you from across the room nose first into her jar. Using the Locktite stud was a no brainer, and the results are outstanding. Magtite produces med to very heavy yields of high potency, mind numbing, couch locking, highly medicinal herb. This strain is not for lightweights. The buds are absolutely covered in frost and dripping with terps, making it a perfect strain for hash, and concentrates. Some phenos display a beautiful red, burgundy, or even shades of purple at harvest. This beautiful bud will even lure the cookies snobs for a look. Flavors are bountiful ranging from sour citrus funk to even sweet grape candy phenos. A fantastic F1 for avid pheno hunters looking for a unique classic. These plants will be medium to tall in structure and flowering time is 8-9 weeks. Staking maybe need due to massive colas.

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