Deadly Sativa – Amnesia Haze x Prayer Tower Sativa

13 regular seeds per pack

Deadly Sativa is an intense plant bred for the true Sativa connoisseur. With only a 9 week bloom time, the average grower can have a chance to experience some real oldschool style Sativa effects. Motivational, psychedelic, speedy/racy effects. Great for increasing energy, pushing yourself in physical activity and uplifting one’s mood. May cause anxiety for sensitive users. Trace amounts of cbd, cbc, and a substantial amount of cbg increase the medicinal value of this strain tremendously.


Flavors include butter, lemon, frankincense, haze, solvent/laquer. Very uplifting to smell, and the flavor lingers in the smoke and on the tongue. Expect large yields and tall plants. A shorter veg time means quicker turnaround, because these plants have a very productive stretch period when flowering is induced. Tolerant of higher temperatures and some phenotypes put on colorful leaves at the end of bloom.

Flavor: Haze, butter, laquer, frankincense, lemon. Over 3% Terpenes! Very strong odor.

Effect: Psychedelic, intense, focused, racy, energetic.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Veg Time: Super fast growing

Yield: Heavy

Height: Tall

Thc: 26%

Terpenes: 3.09%