Dragon Flame Genetics Dragons Brew V2 

Dragons Brew is a Pandora box of beautiful expressions.  I used several red budded/red pistil females, as well as green bud/white pistil blackberry moonshine females. The dragons stash side is one of my favorites, and I knew this would be an epic combo.  In testing, this line shows some diversity due to multiple females being used, but keepers are very easy to find, and myself and my testers were all very pleased with the expressions found.  They are all very potent, a true face melting Indica we all know and love.  The green expressions tend to be a fruity, wine profile while the red expressions are skunkier, earthy, and fruity. There is plenty of fire to be found in the dragons brew!

Blackberrymoonshine x Dragons stash  (hard dick blues x treemans orange og sr71)

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